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Our team has been put together not only by the qualifications they possess but their attitude towards this industry and their core values. We all share the same qualities: treat everyone and everything with respect, team orientated, results driven, adapt to change and to deliver an exceptional service. Some of our trainers were once upon time members of Tribe and Change Gym. We’ve developed the Tribe team internally and think they’re a brilliant bunch.


At least one of us will be present during every session you attend and you’ll soon get to know us. We’re all super approachable and simply looking to guide and support you through each workout. Our role is to motivate you. We’ll correct your technique when required, keep the session flowing and challenge you when necessary.



Hi I’m Amelia and I’ve recently just moved to the fitness industry. Qualifying as a PT and now joined the TRIBE team.

My heart has always been in to the gym and playing different sports in my spare time and I decided as I loved it so much I want to make a career out of it and help others love it as much as I do.

TRIBE is so much fun to teach and take part in as its high intensity interval training with great music, what more could you want?

Come on your own or bring a friend and I’ll see you there :


Fitness has always been a part of my life. I trained as dancer from a young age and have been fortunate enough to have had a successful career performing all around the world including in London’s prestigious West End.

I joined TRIBE back in March 2017 and after one session I was hooked, I love the energy and atmosphere the trainers bring to their sessions and since then I have joined the TRIBE team and become a trainer, which I LOVE!

I believe that we need to be challenged in order to make ourselves stronger which is why I live by the motto ‘Great things never come from the comfort zone’! My sessions are full of energy and great music and I hope to catch you in one soon!


Trevor at Tribe HIIT club Hove


I have a long-held passion for all aspects of health, fitness and competitive sports. During my 23 years service in the army, I had the privilege to be coached by many top level multi-sports coaches. Competing in athletics, biathlon, boxing and running marathons, I also played basketball both for the army and at national level. On completing my military career, I followed my passion for health & fitness and became a level 4 personal trainer.

Being a HIIT Tribe Trainer is so very rewarding… let me help you become who you want to be.


I’ve always loved all things sport, from athletics to netball I would take anything on from a young age. Today my training has a big focus around boxing and strength and conditioning, I find this works for my body and soul! My training ethos is to help people understand that quick fixes are not sustainable, always think long term fitness and real life happiness. Be consistent, realistic, patient and accountable.

Tribe has so much to offer to help encourage you to push your mind and body to ultimately see growth in your fitness and determination.

Consu at Tribe HIIT club Hove


I’m originally from Spain and have been in Brighton now for 2 years. My ethos is all about working hard whilst having maximum fun! The supportive family atmosphere at Change Gym means I love coming to work and that’s reflected in my sessions! No matter your age, shape, weight, fitness, we can all aim for the next level. Tribe will help you achieve that.

Tribe challenges you whilst keeping it fresh and fun every session. Perfect recipe = mix high intensity exercises, great music, lights, focus on technique and lovely members, end result = Tribe. See you soon.


”I have always loved exercise and fitness but it’s only since having my four children that it has completely changed my life!
Despite working hard at the gym I didn’t really lose my baby bulge until I started the most amazing classes – Tribe!!

Feeling myself again gave me the confidence to retrain as an instructor, Personal Trainer and Nutrition coach.
Helping others to transform their lives through exercise is the biggest buzz for me and I see every session as an opportunity to bring together amazing members, great music and a kick ass program that delivers big time.

Now is the time to start and hopefully I’ll see in the studio some time soon”

Luis at Tribe HIIT club Hove


I’m so happy to have the chance to be a Tribe trainer! I started as a gym member and tried a few goes of Tribe around the time I qualified as a PT. I love the atmosphere in the studio and the people are awesome. As a trainer, I put in 100% to get the best out of the members. I believe if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing well. I’m an enthusiastic and energetic trainer that will have you feeling supercharged.


Having been through quite a journey to get where I am today makes me proud! And having the opportunity to work at TRIBE makes me SO happy…

Fitness has always been a huge part of my life, I have been involved with all sorts of fitness classes from cardio, crossfit, kettlebells, circuits, and strength training. I teach spin classes regularly and I’m constantly learning session by session.

TRIBE is an amazing group of people who all want to achieve different fitness goals and are highly determined to do so! I have learnt that since I begun in January 2019.

With the help of the lovely team- everyone can reach their own goals in their own time and Its a pleasure to be able to help people to get there.

You really can can achieve anything if you put your mind to it!


I was always sporty growing up and trained as a dancer; being as healthy as possible has always been a hugely important part of my life.

On qualifying as a Personal Trainer in early 2013, I spent the following 4 years gaining valuable experience and exposure to the fitness industry in some of London’s top gyms.

After a year and a half of PT’ing at a prestigious club in Kensington, I was promoted to Lead Coach at their sister club in Fulham and a year after that, I moved up into a Sports Manager role, within the same gym.

After some successful years in management I missed the gym floor massively and realised my true passion is helping people and enabling them to become the best version of themselves!

I bit the bullet and launched my own brand of fitness clothing, Warrior Woman® and as a PT, I’m now mobile, meeting my 1:1 clients either at home or outside space convenient for them.

I absolutely love Tribe! The members are totally inspirational and amaze me each and every session, with their can do attitude and readiness to push themselves through the intensity of whatever is thrown at them. I hope to see you in one of my sessions very soon!


I’m extremely happy to be instructing classes at Tribe, when I first started working in my apprenticeship I had never taken part in a HIIT class before. After my first class at Tribe I was literally buzzing and I knew that I wanted to be standing up there instructing everyone! Every instructor brings something different and exciting to each session and I wanted to add to that greatness!

The members never fail to amaze me, they are such a determined ambitious group of people!

I love taking part in the sessions too… after all practice what you preach right?! I hope to see you soon whether it be one of my classes or doing the session together… see you there!


You may have seen me at the gym before as I have been a member of TRIBE for over 4 years on and off. I have a background in Gymnastics and Crossfit so the intensity the classes and the importance of correct form that the instructors always encourage, appealed to me.

When I qualified as a Level 3 PT and fitness instructor in 2016, I knew TRIBE was somewhere I would love to work, but I had to take a brief break from the gym to have a baby! Once I was given the all clear to train again (and got my energy back) I returned to TRIBE for 3/4 x weekly sessions and soon got back into shape and then some! I am now the fittest I’ve ever been and have recently completed my first marathon.

That is why I am passionate about High Intensity Interval Training, it is consistently challenging, can improve your athletic endurance, increase your metabolism and help you build lean muscle while dropping fat…winning combination!

TRIBE is ever evolving and I am really excited to be a part of the team! I hope to see you in my session soon!

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