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Our team has been put together not only by the qualifications they possess but their attitude towards this industry and their core values. We all share the same qualities: treat everyone and everything with respect, team orientated, results driven, adapt to change and to deliver an exceptional service. Some of our trainers were once upon time members of Tribe and Adapt Fitness. We’ve developed the Tribe team internally and think they’re a brilliant bunch.


At least one of us will be present during every session you attend and you’ll soon get to know us. We’re all super approachable and simply looking to guide and support you through each workout. Our role is to motivate you. We’ll correct your technique when required, keep the session flowing and challenge you when necessary.



I’m extremely happy to be instructing classes at Tribe, when I first started working in my apprenticeship I had never taken part in a HIIT class before. After my first class at Tribe I was literally buzzing and I knew that I wanted to be standing up there instructing everyone! Every instructor brings something different and exciting to each session and I wanted to add to that greatness!

The members never fail to amaze me, they are such a determined ambitious group of people!

I love taking part in the sessions too… after all practice what you preach right?! I hope to see you soon whether it be one of my classes or doing the session together… see you there!


You may have seen me at the gym before as I have been a member of TRIBE for over 4 years on and off. I have a background in Gymnastics and Crossfit so the intensity the classes and the importance of correct form that the instructors always encourage, appealed to me.

When I qualified as a Level 3 PT and fitness instructor in 2016, I knew TRIBE was somewhere I would love to work, but I had to take a brief break from the gym to have a baby! Once I was given the all clear to train again (and got my energy back) I returned to TRIBE for 3/4 x weekly sessions and soon got back into shape and then some! I am now the fittest I’ve ever been and have recently completed my first marathon.

That is why I am passionate about High Intensity Interval Training, it is consistently challenging, can improve your athletic endurance, increase your metabolism and help you build lean muscle while dropping fat…winning combination!

TRIBE is ever evolving and I am really excited to be a part of the team! I hope to see you in my session soon!

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