HIIT sessions - Tribe HIIT Club - Hove

HIIT is the biggest hype in the fitness industry right now and everyone is either talking about it or doing it.

HIIT, or high intensity interval training, is a method consisting of short and intense bursts of movement followed by set intervals of complete rest.

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    For Everybody

    Regardless of age, gender, weight, goal or current fitness level, HIIT is easily adjustable to suit the individual. Your 80% effort levels will be completely different to the person next to you. Work to your own ability and challenge only yourself.

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    Time Efficiency

    A short and sweet all-out workout. 45 minutes is enough to feel the burn and isn’t too much time out of your day. With our 8 convenient workouts at peak times every day we are pretty confident we have got something that fits you.

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    Session can involve little or as much equipment as you need. No one wants to repeat the same workout over and over again. Mix up the times, mix up the movements, mix up the intensity. We change our sessions every week, meaning you will never do the same workout twice.

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    Your body will not only be demanding calories from you during the workout but it will do for up to 3 days after! This is what we call the afterburn effect that causes a metabolic disturbance in the body in your favour. Stick to 2-3 HIIT’s a week and you’ll be on your way to seeing and feeling results.

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    There’s nothing worse than staring at a wall on a cardio machine for 45 mins straight. HIIT ensures you are taking on new movements which will make you use muscle groups you never knew existed! The group environment of friendly faces gets you through every session.


TRIBE is our unique version of high intensity interval training… for everybody. Since 2009 we have established ourselves well in Hove and have developed our studio, team and workouts to give you exactly what you want and need – simplicity and results.

Every session you step foot into is completely scalable to YOU. Newbie to exercise, sporadic trainer or competitive athlete? You’ll fit right in. We know you don’t want to be watched while you work out, no one does. We understand you and your journey. You just want to come in, get it done and get the hell out. Once the door shuts we cut the lights, turn on the disco lights, fans, air con and crank up the music to get you going. The atmosphere is epic. Now we’ve got you into the zone, just follow our guidance and you will be well on your way.

We’re situated inside Change Gym in Hove (which is completely free with your Tribe membership by the way!) and our space allows up to 16 members at a time, keeping the small group element and close connection with each of you from start. There will be no groups of 30+ in this studio and we won’t ever forget your name!

We’ve really optimised every aspect and already covered the excuses you used to have. You have nothing to lose now… except a tonne of calories.


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