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Lose your excuses. Find your tribe.

That voice that tells you you’ll start tomorrow? Or Monday? Or once you have 4 pounds off?
You don’t need those kinds of liars in your life.
Shut them out and get yourself into fun intensive workouts that get quicker results in an honest, supportive environment.

No time? No confidence? No motivation? No… Shh!

Our High Intensity Interval Training workouts actually give you more energy, and combat stress & anxiety, giving you the motivation to do everything you’re too tired or too lethargic to do in your downtime. The ‘Afterburn’ Effect has you burning calories for up to 36 hours after you finish training. So you see positive changes in your body quicker than you would with a standard cardio workout.

These high energy sessions are run in a specialist studio with motivational music and a team of fitness professionals to keep you focused on your goals. That means there’ll be no time wasted on refreshing your Instagram feed, figuring out how the machines work, or perfecting your ‘I know what I’m doing’ stretch.

Using MyZone heart rate monitors, we can tailor each and every session to your needs. We make sure you never hit that dreaded plateau because we listen to what your body needs to keep progressing.

Ultimately, results speak louder than excuses. Quiet the voices in your head that say you’re too busy, too tired, too unfit or too late. Join Tribe for just £44.99 per month for personalised, proven-effective workouts and access to the CHANGE gym and studio classes. You don’t even have to fake your own death to cancel because it’s contract free!

If we can’t convince you, convince yourself. Get into a free trial and if you enjoy it, well… we told ya so.

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  • Now I’ve been going to tribe for 18 months, it’s easily the best group workout out there.
    Carl Sutherland
  • I choose Tribe because it is hard. There’s no easy way to put it. Expect a very hard workout that will push you to your limits. However, once you have finished, you do feel very elated that you got through it.
    David Tamplin
  • Tribe continues to hit the mark, offering a variety of simple exercises that are designed for individuals of all abilities at a fantastic price.
    Mathew Glentworth
  • A mix of exercises with weekly changes, small classes with tons of guidance and attention from the Personal Trainers running the class, all fit into 45 minutes!
    Julie Donovan
  • No other classes or workouts consistently push me as hard as this does, and my fitness level has soared as a result.
    Leigh Carter
  • The trainers and members are really friendly and push you to your limits and the variety of classes keeps you on your toes and are a constant challenge.
    Ruth & Stephen Saidu-Shaw
  • The classes are tough at first but I enjoyed the challenge and the instructors continue push you so you don't get complacent whilst making it fun.
    Fran Warren
  • A few months after its inception, I found that Tribe, more than anything else I have done, is the perfect all round workout.
    Clint Williams
  • If you want to work hard, sweat like hell and improve your fitness, Tribe is the one for you!
    Katie Martin
  • I always avoided Tribe as it was known/seen as the really hard workout. I thought I'd give one free session a try a few years ago with a friend and I've been hooked ever since!!
    Becca Hutton
  • I find the short sharp activities work bits of me that needed attention and the constantly changing stations keep you on your toes.
    Paul Johnson
  • The Tribe members always make the classes friendly and fun so don't be shy come along and give them a try you won't be disappointed!
    Bob Ivison

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